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Sunday, June 2 @ 7:00 pm

"All these years later, after headlining shows around the world and seeing CAKE's latest album debut at No. 1, Sacramento still feels like the band's home sweet home" (Sacramento Bee, 2012). CAKE started out as a local band in the early 90's with their first radio hit "Rock 'N' Roll Lifestyle," followed by classics such as "The Distance," "Never There," "Short Skirt/Long Jacket," "Sick of You" and many more—seven albums in all, including the #1 "Showroom of Compassion", which was recorded in their own solar-powered studio in Sacramento. CAKE's longevity is a result of their seamless ability to incorporate the best of several genres without resorting to shtick. The Times of London praised the band's concert performances as "generous, witty and thoughtful shows with a rousing flourish". Three Stages is honored to have the "deadpan brilliance" (The New Yorker magazine) of CAKE in the house for two shows.




Event Length

2 45 minute acts; with 15 minute intermission

$29-$39; Premium $49


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