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Nunset Boulevard

Starring Cindy Williams

“The ‘nuns’ have done it again…sinfully funny laughs” (NBC News). This latest installment in the well-loved series of Nunsense musicals features the popular star of Laverne & Shirley. The Sisters are on their way to perform at the Hollywood Bowl, or so they believe. Alas, it’s actually the Hollywood Bowl-A-Rama. But wait! They learn of auditions for a new musical about Dolores Hart, the famous movie star who kissed Elvis and then became a nun! Will this be their big break? “Hilarious, wacky, and unpredictable!” (ABC News).



$29-$49; Premium $59

10% discount for Wed. afternoon single tickets

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Event Length

Two 45 minute acts with a 20 minute intermission


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Footage from Nunset Boulevard with Cindy Williams