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Bank of America Gallery




January 11, 2013 - March 10, 2013


Folsom Lake College, Three Stages and Sayago & Pardon are proud to announce Before the Alarm, an exploration into ideas of dreamscapes and the subconscious. Before the Alarm will be on view at the Bank of America Gallery at Three Stages, Folsom Lake College until March 10th.

The exhibition aims to recreate the imagery that the subconscious develops according to the different states of sleep. Curated by Gregory Attaway, Pierre Fragoso, and Jasmine Magaña, of Sayago & Pardon, Before the Alarm shows a continuous narrative composed of pieces that act as representations of dreams that could be experienced during a night’s sleep. When observed as a whole, the artworks imitate a dream cycle, starting slowly and peacefully and evolving into vivid dreamscapes that captivate and evoke dissonant emotions.

The exhibition will include works from Yoél Díaz Galvez (Cuba), Esterio Segura (Cuba), Roberto Matta (Chile), San Poggio (Argentina), and Moisés Barrios (Guatemala), among others. The exhibition explores the diversity of the Sayago & Pardon Latin American Art Collection and provides a different way of interpreting the artworks that range from realistic to fantastical to the surreal.

The Sayago & Pardon collection is comprised of modern and contemporary Latin American art with over 600 works representing nearly all countries of Latin America and more than 190 of their artists. Encompassing painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture, the collection provides a unique look at Latin American art through the eyes of the organization’s founders. The collection is filled with dynamic works that highlight creativity through the juxtaposition of masters alongside emerging artists. From figurative works to the abstract, the Sayago & Pardon collection explores all genres of art to showcase the diversity of Latin America.

Artists: Moisés Barrios • Víctor H. Batista • Enrique Cattaneo • Gerardo Chávez Zaida del Río • Roberto Fabelo • Pedro Friedeberg • José Manuel Fors Yoél Díaz Galvez • Sergio Garval • Enrique Magaña • Alexander Martínez Maikel Martínez • Roberto Matta • Magdalena Murúa • Mariana Palova San Poggio • Angel Poyón • Martín Sapia • Esterio Segura Emilio Torti • Krysthopher Woods

Children's Artworks of
The Boys & Girls Club
of Greater Sacramento  

November 2, 2012 - January 6, 2013

Children's Artworks of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Sacramento

12th Annual Folsom Lake College Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition

September 8 - October 28, 2012
Artists' Reception: Friday, September 28, 5-7 pm

Annual Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition

FLC Studio Arts and Art History Faculty
Participating artists include Talver Germany, Aleris Hart, Brian Hayes, Eunyoung Hwang, Marisa Sayago, Heike Schmid, Katherine Venturelli, and Margaret Welty

The California Art Club

Rivers of Gold: The Inaugural Exhibition of the CAC Greater Sacramento Sierra Chapter

July 6 - September 2, 2012

The California Art Club

Victoria Brooks: Bridgeport Reflections

Greater Sacramento Sierra Chapter members display paintings and sculpture representing the Sacramento, San Joaquin, and American Rivers, as well as other rivers and important waterways in the Northern California region.

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