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Save up to 50% on dining and more!

Harris Center Perks Partners:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the app to redeem the deals offered?
Yes, in order to take advantage of Perks Program benefits, you will need to download the dealsnapt app to a smartphone and then enter the Perks Number (on the card) into the app when requested. This will link your card with your dealsnapt app profile.

How do I redeem a deal being offered?
Once you have linked your card to the app, all you need to do is show the promotion on your smartphone at the restaurant and your waiter will redeem the promotion for you.

Do I need to have my Perks Card present when redeeming an offer?
No. The card provides you with a unique Perks Number that unlocks the exclusive offers available through the app, but once you have entered this number into the app, you will no longer need your card – just the app on the smartphone. You may want to keep your card for future reference, but it is not needed to redeem deal offers at restaurants.

Why can't I see any deals?
Make sure your location service (GPS) is on in your smartphone settings.

I am in the app and cannot find the Harris Center Perks group. Where is it?
Go to the Groups tab within the dealsnapt app and search for Harris Center Perks.

How often can I use a deal?
Monthly, each participating restaurant will offer an exclusive deal through the Harris Center Perks Program which will be available for you to use once during that month. At the beginning of the next month, a new set of deal offers will become available. With over 30 participating restaurants, you could use a different deal each day of the month.

I already have the dealsnapt app. How do I link to my Harris Center Perks Card?
Click the Groups tab in dealsnapt and search for Harris Center Perks. From there, enter the number on your Perks Card together with your first and last name.

How many people can use one Harris Center Perks Card?
Each card can link to only one profile on the dealsnapt app, so each person wanting to participate needs to have their own card linked to their own profile on the app.

I entered my code and I don't have access to the Harris Center Group. What's up?
One of two things may have happened. One: the number you entered may be incorrect. Two: the number you entered may have already been entered before. Please contact the dealsnapt Snappy Support team at (855) 637-6278.

I own a business. Can it be featured and provide offers in the Harris Center Perks Program?
It sure can! Contact Jennifer at jennifer@snaptown.us

Is the purchase cost of the Perks Card a tax deductible donation?
No, purchase costs of Perks Cards are not tax deductible.


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