Sacramento Guitar Society

From the start, Sacramento Guitar Society (SGS) concerts at Harris Center for the Arts have seen brilliant artistry from international artists. SGS productions at Harris Center have set the bar for world-class unamplified guitar artistry in Stage Three. SGS presented National Fingerstyle Champions Muriel Anderson and Michael Chapdelaine in Stage Two where the mics pick up every detail from the lowest note to the highest harmonic.

Besides our signature concert series at Harris Center, Sacramento Guitar Society provides local access to high level artistic performances, workshops, monthly meetings, a community guitar orchestra, community outreach, information and plenty of good music! SGS is a non-profit educational and service organization that has existed in one form or another since at least 1961—drawn together by the classical guitar and its music. In the course of countless gatherings in homes, schools and community centers to share music and camaraderie, guitar teachers and their students, professional concert artists, amateur aficionados and the public have met to enjoy this art form and the related styles that can overlap, including flamenco, jazz and steel-string fingerstyle. For more information and a complete calendar of guitar events, visit our website.

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