Ticket Donation Program


The Harris Center for the Arts supports the community by donating tickets to be used in the fundraising efforts of community non-profit organizations. Due to the high number of requests we receive each year, and the limited number of tickets that are available for donation, we are not able to fulfill every request that comes to us. You will receive notification by mail regarding the status of your request.

If your request is approved, a ticket voucher for tickets to a select performance will be mailed to your organization. The procedure for redemption will be listed on the voucher. The organization is responsible for notifying the recipient of the voucher of these redemption procedures. The Harris Center is not responsible for lost or stolen vouchers.

Application Process

The application process for ticket donations has been suspended during the temporary closure of the Harris Center. The expiration date for all outstanding ticket donation certificates will be extended to one year following the date of the Center reopening. For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Application Deadlines

The date your application is received will determine which date you can expect to receive your tickets, should your request be honored. Please plan accordingly in order to receive your tickets in time for your event.

Due to the high volume of ticket requests received, the Harris Center adheres to the following schedule for accepting and reviewing requests for ticket donations:

Cycle One

Requests Accepted:
July 1 through September 30
Decisions Announced: October 15

Cycle Two

Requests Accepted:
October 1 through December 30
Decisions Announced: January 15

Cycle Three

Requests Accepted:
January 1 through March 30
Decisions Announced: April 15

Cycle Four

Requests Accepted:
April 1 through June 30
Decisions Announced: July 15

A Letter on official organization letterhead should accompany the completed application. Letter should give a brief description of the organization, its mission, as well as a brief description of the event. It should also address the following:

  • The number of people that will benefit from the project
  • The number of local volunteers supporting the organization and/or project
  • How the fundraising event supports education, the arts, or social services needs within the community service area of Folsom Lake College and the Harris Center


Those organizations selected as recipients will receive the following from the Harris Center:

  • Ticket Donation Certificate – entitles bearer to two (2) complimentary tickets to one of the designated Presenting Series performances in the current season.
  • Flyer Listing Available Performances – lists dates and times of all applicable performances that Ticket Donation Certificate can be redeemed for tickets

Questions regarding Harris Center Ticket Donation Program should be directed to: