The Beatles White Album Live In Concert

A Benefit Show For Music Education!
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The Beatles released The White Album in 1968 but never played any of the songs live. By the time the album came out, the band had retired from live performances. Aside form a spontaneous rooftop performance at their recording studio in London while recording the album “Let It Be,” Beatles fans never got to hear them play live again.

This is your chance to witness one of the greatest pages in Beatles history played live; with more than 40 professional musicians taking the stage, the Entire White Album will unfold before you from start to finish. This will quite possibly be the rarest of rare, musical performances, as it is no small feat to perform The Beatles White Album "In It's Entirety!"

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Event Length (Approximate):

2 hours, 30 minutes
includes 15 minute intermission

Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy is a 501c3 Non-profit Charitable Organization.

SPMA's Beatles Guitar Project has been giving back to local underserved schools in the greater Sacramento Valley since 2011, by providing instruments and music education classes; and by providing opportunities for it's Beatles Guitar Project Students to perform along side the area's top professional musicians.

Artistic Director Benjamin J. McClara has taken great time and effort by painstakingly transcribing Beatles Albums for an authentic presentation of Beatles Albums Live in Concert Experience.
Fans of SPMA's Beatles Guitar Project have compared the music in the shows to the famous 'Beatles Love Show' in Las Vegas, saying that "even the most popular touring Tribute Bands cannot even hold a flame to what is presented from stage by SPMA! The Music is Spot on! and the performances are phenomenal!"

Event Pricing
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(A) Regular $66.00 $61.00 $56.00 $51.00 $46.00
(D) Child 12 & under $59.40 $54.90 $50.40 $45.90 N/A
(D) Student w/ ID $51.00 $46.00 $41.00 $36.00 $31.00


Group Discounts Available 10-15+ Tickets. To receive discount, call the Ticket Office at 916-608-6888.

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SPMA plays the White Album at the Creat Theater

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