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Life on Our Planet with Dan Tapster

A Netflix Original Documentary Series
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4 billion years. Millions of species. Five mass extinction events (and counting, but more on that later). It’s the story of Life on Our Planet, a stunning new series chronicling the ongoing rise and fall of lives on Earth, from the cataclysmic events that reshape our ecosystems to the creatures that survived (or didn’t) along the way. Because life always finds a way — but as this eight-part epic journey proves, the road from single-celled life-form to the biodiversity we know today was anything but drama-free.

Dan Tapster

An 8-times Emmy-nominated showrunner, Dan Tapster started out at the BBC Natural History Unit in the 1990swhere he worked on series including Sir David Attenborough’s Life of Mammals. Following a varied career which included being kidnapped by Quichua Indians in Ecuador and firing cannonballs through houses by mistake, he became the showrunner for a TV show that went on to become the second most-watched factual TV series in history: the phenomenon that is MythBusters. After leading the show to 12 series renewals and over 18 billion views of content, Dan left MythBusters in 2016 and after more pop-science shows, he joined Silverback films in 2018. Combining visual flair with strong story-telling, at Silverback Films, Dan was the showrunner for the epic that is Life on Our Planet (Netflix).

Executive produced by Steven Spielberg, LOOP uses stunning natural history and world-class VFX to reveal the story of life in a way that has never been attempted before.

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  • Sunday, October 20