Our Commitment to Community

The Los Rios Community College District has sustained a long tradition of support for the arts and arts organizations across the Sacramento Region. As the newest and fourth college within the district, Folsom Lake College has a very important mission to continue fostering excellence in the arts and providing access to the arts. The college is proud to take a positive leadership role in bringing programs of indisputable artistic merit and educational substance to the eastern foothills of the capital region.

The college is committed to nurturing the next generation of performing artists; to open up a world of culture to children, families and schools; and to presenting the best in live performance from a wide diversity of traditions and disciplines. Artistic excellence, quality education and public accessibility are fundamental to the success of the Harris Center.

The college offers a variety of education programs designed to instruct, develop and guide talented and interested students: actors, musicians, vocalists, dancers, and artists. Through the center, all area residents will have access to the arts, from courses, to performances, to training opportunities. Special training academies (theatre, art, dance, music) are available exposing K-12 students to the arts to enhance and support their skills beyond their current levels.

The Harris Center strives to be a home to regional performing arts organizations; to be a cherished arts facility by the diverse communities of the capital region; to offer “great shows, up close” by some of the world’s finest artists.

Our Partners

Look for some of the most respected arts organizations in the region to consistently stage their works on one of Harris Centers' primary stages. These organizations will work with the new center as partners, sharing the goal of putting more art before more audiences in the newest arts facility in the area.

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