Beginning July 1st, 2023 there will be a change to Harris Center’s parking policy. Previously, a parking fee was automatically included with each ticket purchase regardless of whether a patron drove or not, or if patrons carpooled. To provide a more equitable solution to parking fees by charging per vehicle versus charging per patron, parking will now be sold separately. All patrons who have purchased tickets prior to July 1st, a valid parking pass was included with your ticket purchase.

Parking passes may be purchased by one of the following options:

  • Sold as an add-on feature with your ticket purchase
  • Anytime online by clicking here 
  • In person by visiting the Box Office during normal business hours
  • On site signage and flyers
  • Day of performance by visiting the Box Office, ticket kiosk by the HC on campus, or patron service table located in the lobby

Note: all tickets purchased, prior to July 1, included a parking pass and will not be required to purchase another parking pass. Tickets purchased after July 1st are subject to the new $2 parking pass per vehicle. There will be an overlap with parking passes included with tickets vs the isolated pass.