TEDxFolsom 2024

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presenter on stage at TEDx Folsom

TEDxFolsom event embraces the powerful theme of REIMAGINE. This theme is not just about thinking outside the box; it's about eliminating the box entirely. At the core of REIMAGINE is the convergence of what currently exists ("as-is") and the realm of new possibilities. This approach encourages a transformative thought process, inviting participants to envision beyond the conventional boundaries and constraints.

TEDxFolsom is dedicated to uncovering and sharing "ideas worth spreading." The event aims to influence the local community and leave an imprint on a global scale. The event seeks to inspire change, innovation, and progressive thinking by focusing on reimagining. Attendees are encouraged to explore ideas that redefine the status quo, challenge existing paradigms, and propose novel solutions to contemporary issues.

Participants of TEDxFolsom will embark on an intellectual journey, discovering new perspectives and visionary ideas. The event is designed to be a catalyst for change, empowering individuals to reimagine their roles in shaping the future. It’s an opportunity for thinkers, innovators, and change-makers to connect, collaborate, and contribute to a global dialogue on redefining possibilities.

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  • Saturday, June 22